Easy ways to make money from the Internet

There is no point in spending much time on online businesses that are too cumbersome to manage when there are quick, easy ways to make money today. Do you have a tight budget and you want to start a profitable e-business? Are you looking for a fast way to earn extra income so as to foot your accrued bills? If yes, you have got to explore the ideas being revealed in this simple guide.

Now, here are the 3 quick, easy ways to make money from the Internet:

Post Free Classified Ads to Promote 100 Products

Without having a website, you can do affiliate marketing through the use classified sites where you can post attention-grabbing ads for free so as to promote a product/service that pays commissions on sales.

Do you know that most people who visit classified sites are ready buyers? If you really want to succeed on such a marketing platform, you should follow these tips, and you would beat your competitors:

• After signing up for an affiliate account at Clickbank or CJ, find profitable products in various niches, most especially Internet marketing, home & gardening, computer, electronic gadgets, parenting, and relationship. Create a list of 100 products in a Notepad or an Excel sheet.
• One after the other, visit the website of each product to gain an idea of it as regards its benefits and features. Then, write a short ad copy that lays more emphasis on the product’s benefits.
• Sign up for a domain name with a hosting plan, e.g. myStoreLot .com. You need this to cloak your affiliate links instead of using the popular bit .ly or tinyurl .com. Create a sub-domain url for every link (e.g. usedcar .myStoreLot .com) and set up ‘url re-direction’ for it. Clicking the url will re-direct visitors to the product’s sales page. Cloaking makes your links look nice and professional compared to using raw affiliate links since they do not look good to the eyes of a potential buyer.
• Register at 5 – 10 classified sites and post ads with catchy titles. Try to use graphics with the ads. Ensure that you renew all your ads on a day prior to their expiration.

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